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Food Safety Signage

We’ve created this helpful resource for farmers to create unique signs that fit the food safety practices on individual farms!

Farmers have told us – in focus groups, at food safety plan classes, on walks around their farms, and posting on social media – that there is a need for simple, clear, and positive food safety signs on their farms. And, not just signs about hand washing (those are important) or about not pooping in the fields (yes, that’s a real sign), but about the issues farmers face day to day. Signs that communicate where employees wash the eggs, visitors find the bathrooms, and dogs can – and can’t – go. We know – and you know – that no one is better at making those signs for their farms than farmers themselves. This tool is designed for you to create unique signs that fit the food safety practices on your farm!

Signage tips:

  • Readability is key. We’ve locked the font size at 72 pt to make sure the text is readable from about 25 feet away, based on best practices.
  • We have space for text, but keep text on this sign to a minimum. Rely instead on visuals to get your message across.
  • Be positive. Focus your message on what viewers can do, and less of what they can’t.

Design tips:

  • Click and drag a shape from the image bank to add it to your sign.
  • Once your shape is on the sign, click on a color to change it. It’s great if the color matches what’s on your farm.
  • When you’re ready, export the design as a print-ready JPG you can use at your location.
  • If you do not edit the text, it will show as blank. And that’s fine too!
  • If you want to remove an item from your sign, you can just click and drag it back over to the image bank.

Want to use a premade sign?

    Save time and use a sign we made for you – click on any of the images below to save them to your computer.

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